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  • Electric oven bakery for 2 trays 60X40
  • Electric oven bakery for 2 trays 60X40
  • Electric oven bakery for 2 trays 60X40
  • Electric oven bakery for 2 trays 60X40
Electric oven bakery for 2 trays 60X40
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Electric oven bakery with high chamber for 4 trays 60X40

Internal dimensions [cm] 83 X 124 X 27 cm                                                                               External dimensions [cm] 114 X 157 X 50 cm
Package dimensions [cm] 120 X 160 X 65 cm
Baking chambers [n°] 1
Power [kW] 10,2
Voltage 230 / 400
Temperature [C°] 50 / 500
Weight [KG] 137
Total Pizzas (Ø 40 cm) 6
Number of trays [60X40cm] 4

€1,707.00 Save 4%
Tax excluded
€1,999.24 tax incl.

Kit Ruote
Cella di Lievitazione
Kit porta teglie
Coppia angolari per porta teglie
Refrattario cielo platea


Flexibility and Maximization for a multifunction oven. Mechanic electric oven. Stainless steel facade and painted body, with large tempered glass door to control the inside cooking, Special material with high insulation, Separate Electrical device,  Humidity control valve

THE MULTIFUNCION ELECTRIC OVEN IS VERY SUITABLE TO BAKE PIZZA, BREAD AND PASTRY. The ovens have as a concept flexibility and maximization of the work and are designed to ensure excellent results with easy operation characterized by an excellent value quality - price. They are realized using special materials with high insulation power ensuring a great thermal eiciency and consequently low consumption.

The front and the door are made in stainless steel while the back paneling is made of pre-painted sheet. The wide cooking chamber is equipped with interior lighting by an halogen light for an optimal illumination. The resistances are armored and the cooking top is made of refractory bricks.or in buckle sheet for cooking in pans. Humidity control valve.

Power supply: 400V three-phase + neutral (Special voltages on request).

Programmable steam generator (UPON REQUEST