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  • Maccina Gelato Soft Portofino
Maccina Gelato Soft Portofino
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Combined multi-function machine 15 lt

Floor-model combined multi-function machine (ice-cream maker, pasteuriser, cream cookercomposed by 2 tanks.

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Combined multi-function machine which enables to prepare a wide range of recipes: gelatine/ice-creams, semi-skimmed, cakes, slush/grandniece, custard cream, pate à couch, jellies, marmalades, jams, yoghurt, panna cotta, mousse, marshmallows, nap page, fresh cheese, chameleon sauce, rice for pastry, risotto, indolent, sauces, Bolognese sauce.

Equipped with a double lid to insert the ingredients while the agitator is moving. Vertical tank allows you to check state of mixing throughout the entire production cycle.  Long-duration stirrer with rasp blade in polyethylene. All parts in contacts with the mix or ice-cream are in stainless steel and in non toxic material; all are easily accessible and removable for cleaning. Control panel ergonomically positioned. Transparent lid allows you to check the state of the mix throughout the whole production cycle. Front control panel with favourite icons for a fast selection of mixing, pasteurising, custard cream, cooling and recipes’ programs.

Inverter with acceleration ramp for the agitator to protect the transmission from any mechanical stress. Tank defrosting switch to make every agitator’s restart easier. Half load function to work even with small quantities of cream mixes. Tap levelled at the bottom of tank.

The board computer is provided with 52 adjustable programs and functions for millions of possible recipes. Multi-language display 2.5 inches with visual, alphanumeric or graphic signals of the cycle in progress. PC connection port to set the board parameters. Full integration between Inverter and electronics. All parts in contact with the mix or the ice-cream are in stainless steel and in non-toxic material; all of them are easily accessible and removable for cleaning.

Stainless steel bodywork

Hand shower (optional)

Air cooling system
Dimensions WxDxH mm
Kg 71
400V 3N 50Hz
Absorbed power
W 2000
Ice cream production 15 lt/h
Ice cream production 1-2 lt/cycle. Cream production 5 lt/cycle (50 minutes)
Cooling system: air