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  • Combi oven  7 trays  GN 1/1
Combi oven  7 trays  GN 1/1
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Combi oven 7 trays GN 1/1

Combi steam oven 7 trays CN 1/1 with touch control

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Griglia cromata 1/1 GN


The oven with touch control backlit panels operated at the touchof your fingertips on the screen, automatic washing systems, and cutting-edge proofers and steam condensing extraction hoods. All of which come with the assurance of strong materials and a high level of reliability.

In three words: speed, intuition and simplicity.


Made from stainless steel, with AISI 304 cooking chambers, the Touch ovens have an IPX5-certified enclosure protecting against the ingress of water and an internal system of cooling the motor/electronic components compartment. Ongoing research into the products’ implementation has resulted, among othe things, in even easier cleaning and simpler use:

  • side-hinged rear internal panel
    • interior glass paneon the door that can be opened for inspection with built-in drip box
    • new handle with right-hand opening
    • adjustable hinges
    • removable lateral supports

Everything has been designed with comfort and functionality in mind.

As if that weren’t enough, ovens throughout the whole range have provision for automatic cooking chamber washing with 4 programs: rinse, short washing, medium and long.

Further features have been introduced to address the issues of safety - thermostat in cooking chamber, motor safety thermal cut-out, magnetic door microswitch, use of internationally certified and type-approved components - as well as energy efficiency-improved thermal insulation, modular heating element switch-on based on cooking temperature, LED bar for internal lighting and airtight door seal.

The touch control panel has a simple but detailed interactive menu. It offers three possible cooking modes: AUTOMATIC, choosing from the pre-set recipes, MANUAL, creating  brand new recipes by selecting the desired parameters, and SEMI-STATIC, allowing motor activation just when the heating elements are operating. “Delta T” system controls at the same time the temperature in the chamber and core, fans can be activated at low speed in case of slow and delicate cooking, and the whole system can make self-diagnosis with fault warning. The cooking chamber fast cooling feature and automatic reverse fan rotation complete the Touch range’s array of technical features. A line whose modern, eye-catching exterior conceals a technological heart that is more innovative and higher performing that ever.

USB port to upload and download recipes and HACCP data. Menu with 240 storable recipes (40 set by Tecnoeka, 200 user-settable). Start-up timer with 23 hours and 59 minutes delay. Control panel in 10 languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Rumanian, English, French, German, Spanish). Discharge of any grease from the cooking chamber floor. “Direct” discharge of cooking fumes/steam. Water entry double connection (normal and softened). “All glass” door with “satin-finish” stainless steel side profiles.  Quick cooling of cooking chamber. Screen-printed glass control panel. Adjustable door hinges – handle catch.  Stainless steel wide cooking chamber. Built-in gasket. Forced cooling system of internal components. Pre-setting for the automatic o manual flushing. CB certification.

Tray capacity: 7 GN 1/1

Net weight: 98 kg

Rails: every 68 mm

Electric power: 10,5 kw

Frequency (Hz): 50/60

Voltage: AC 380/400 3N

n. motor: 2 bidirectional

Water resistance: IPX5 

Cooking: convection

Steam: direct, with automatic regulation

Cooking chamber : stainless steel AISI 304

Temperature: 30 ÷ 260°C

Temperature control: digital probe

Control panel: touch Control- left side

N° programs: 240

Programmable stages: 9

Preset temperature: 180°C

Door: right side opening with outer glass. Inspectable glass.

Dimensions of the oven: 93,5x93x82,5 cm