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  • Gravity slicer 300 Z ing
Gravity slicer 300 Z ing
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Gravity slicer 300 blade

Gravity slicer

Diam. blade 300

Affilatoio Fisso

Dim max (lenght x width x h) 520x410x390

Dim base (lenght x width) 415x263

Motor power  150

Dim of the plate (lenght x width) 205x230

Thickness. max of cutting 15

Cutting capacity 205x215

Run of carriage 255

Weight 17,5

Dim package 58x49x45

Vol package 0,13

€798.86 Save 52%
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€467.81 tax incl.

Product features:

Professional slicer designed to cut salami, cheese, bread and fish. The line taken care of down to the smallest details with wide radiuses and without sharp edges allows a simple and complete cleaning. In addition, this slicer has a ring with gaskets that hermetically closes the passage hole of the blade pulley, preventing the passage of liquids into the inner part.

Designed according to the safety regulations in force this slicer has the following characteristics:

base in cast aluminum with polished anodic oxidation
blade cover, goods plate, slice adjustment bulkhead with polished anodic oxidation, so as to obtain a hygienically clean and anti-corrosion product
the blade guard ring is made of stainless steel
professional ventilated motor to limit the heating and make it silent
blade holder shaft mounted on a double bearing that makes the slicer silent
hardened, ground and hard chromium-plated professional blade to keep cutting efficiency longer
fixed sharpener with double emery to sharpen and eliminate the burr formed during sharpening
Dimensions WxDxH mm
Package dimensions WxDxH mm
17,5 kg
Absorbed power
150 W
Dim piatto (lung x larg) 205x230Sp. max taglio 15Capacità di taglio 205x215Corsa carrello 255