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Professional gravity slicer blade 300

Professional gravity slicer with small dimensions, with a 300 mm blade and economic price. Professional slicer ideal for bars, pizzerias and sandwich bars. The structure is made of a special anodized aluminum alloy and the motor has an external fan and belt drive.

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€584.38 tax incl.


Made of special anodized aluminum alloy

Built-in sharpener with double emery wheel for sharpening and blade deburring

Motor with external fan and belt drive

Blade guard

Polyamide blade protection ring with built-in post

Aluminum food tray with sliding channels that reduce friction

Blade diameter (mm) 300 / 11.8

Blade turns (rpm) 270

Single-phase motor 230 V / 50 Hz (W) 170 / 0.23

Carriage travel (mm) 295

Cutting thickness (mm) 0-14

Round Cutting Capacity (mm) 205

Cutting Capacity HxL (mm) 180x250

Gross Weight (Kg) 26
Dimensions WxDxH mm
Package dimensions WxDxH mm
Kg 20
230 V/50 Hz
anodized aluminum