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  • Blast chiller for 5 pans
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Blast chiller for 5 pans

Blast chiller stainless steel for 5 pans GNI/I or 60x40. Inside and outside stainless steel except outside bottom in galvanize steel. Rounded inner corners. Polyurethane insulation without CFC, injected at high pressure. Insulation thickness: 60 mm. Removable upper floor, automatic closing door and magnetic gasket. Front panel with electronic control card with PTC camera probe and heart probe.

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Ventilated refrigeration with air stirrer. Extremely removable and tropicalized refrigeration unit (room temperature + 43 ° C and relative humidity of 65%) running with R404A / R507 gas. Rear opening and removable unit for easy maintenance. Defrosting evaporator at time, at end of cycle, and bottom condensate containment pan. Settable cycles with heart probe + 3 ° C and -18 ° C, or in time. Stainless Steel Feet Adjustable (60/90 H mm). Suitable to hold both GN 1/1 grills and 600x400 mm pans.

Included: PTC camera probe and heart probe. Steel universal guides
Dimensions WxDxH mm
71 Kg
230 V / 50 Hz
Absorbed power
1424 Watt
Blast chilling performance: +3°C 20 Kg ---Deep-freezing performance: -18°C 15 Kg
5 pans GNI/I or 60x40
Standard equipment
PTC camera probe and heart probe. Steel universal guides
Refrigerant gas R404A/R507