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  • Forno pizza elettrico 9 pizze
Forno pizza elettrico 9 pizze

Gas oven 9 pizzas monochamber

Gas oven 9 pizzas, technical characteristics:

     Pizzas capacity: 9 of 30/34 cm diameter
     Power: 24,934 Kcal / h
     Gas consumption: liquid 2.29 mc / h
                           natural 3.07 mc / h
     Weight: 196 Kg
     Room size: 105x105x15h cm
     Dimensions: 148x140x47h cm

Tax excluded
€3,473.34 tax incl.

Kit Ruote
Cella Neutra



The gas oven is the concept that can replace the wood oven with advantages such as ease of use and cleaning. 3 are models of gas ovens depending on the maximum number of diam pizzas. 34 cm which can accommodate: 4-6-9. There are up to two chambers of the same model and can be equipped with support (with two heights available), neutral cells and suction hood only for vapors. Inside the Aluminum Sheet Room, the special shape of the steel baffles allows to convey the heat to the perforated top of the chamber and consequently for irradiation on the pizza.