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  • Single chamber gas Gpl oven 9 Pizze OEM
Single chamber gas Gpl oven 9 Pizze OEM

OEM Gas Oven, 6+6 pizzas . LPG consumption

Technical data:

Inside dimensions cm L x P x H 63 x 93 x 14

Outside dimensions cm L x P x H 111 x 115 x 100

KW/max • Volt 34 - 220/240

Max. temp. °C 400

Weight Net/Gross Kg 386 / 450

Tax excluded
€9,790.50 tax incl.

Kit Ruote
Supporto armadiato
Supporto Armadiato Riscaldato
Kit camino


The particular conformation of the baking chamber (made of stainless steel) and of the heating system allows overlapping up to two chambers; as a matter of fact, burners have been placed beyond the bedplate firestone baking surface, while the two burners close to the sides are positioned according to a specific angle in order to convey heat towards the ceiling of the chamber, which reflects it by radiations towards the product to be cooked. Left and right burners adjustment takes place independently from other soil burners; a third device intercepts gas and start pilot general feeding. It is possible to bake directly on bricks, taking advantage of all the characteristics of this method. Unburned gases exhaust is placed on the upper part of the chamber, from which they are conveyed towards the flue.