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  • Single chamber gas oven Metano Pizze OEM
Single chamber gas oven Metano Pizze OEM

OEM Gas Oven X2 . Natural gas consumption

Technical data:

Inside dimensions cm L x P x H 75x110x12

Outside dimensions cm L x P x H 213x149x177

Kw/h - Kw/max - Volt 40 / 34.400 Kcal

KW/max • Volt 1 - 220/240

Max. temp. °C 400

Weight Net/Gross Kg 670 / 831

Tax excluded
€28,174.68 tax incl.

Kit coperchio tunnel



• compactness;
• standardization of the components of the various electric and gas ovens;
• particularly low consumption;
• remarkable reduction of heat losses in the environment;
• special insulation system in order to avoid transmitting the heat to the outer parts;
• noiseless functioning;
• wide inspection door with double ceramic glass pane;
• function control by a microprocessor;
• equipped with economy, self-cleaning & self-diagnosis programmes;
• 30 pizza baking programmes and 30 special programmes for a gastronomic baking are available, moreover it is possible to stop the belt in order to allow a personalized baking time;
• function display through backlighted LCD;
• superimposable chambers (up to 3 moduls in electric ovens,
2 in gas ovens);
• double fan speed;
• required conveyor belt time to go through the baking chamber: adjustable from 1' to 30'.
Moreover, the gas ovens have a high efficiency gas burner with premixed air, innovative exchanger with heat recovery to assure a baking with constantly "clean" air. All models show highest safety conditions and the usual OEM's reliability, as well.