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copy of Ritarder Prover cabinet capacity 700 l

Controlled fermentation is used for bread and pastry doughs through the management of temperature, humidity and time. Thanks to the retarder-proofing cabinets, you can obtain high quality bread and pizza doughs, saving time and optimizing work shifts. You can set and control the temperature, humidity and timing.

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Leavening retarder cabinets MacChef product line boast the following characteristics:

  • Monobloc body with 60 mm insulation ( 75 mm concerning 900 lt) with HFO polyurethane foam which has a GWP level equal to 0
  • Cell operational temperature -6° + 40°C
  • Device with fully automated digital control embracing Industry 4.0 requirements

Leavening retarder cabinets are able to accomplish with multiple functions, that is to say:

  • Cooling, heating and maintenance management
  • Management and operational usage through probes temperature reading: evaporator, aspiration cell
  • Cold, heat, maintenance
  • Complete leavening retarding cycles can be performed through the setting of timing and characteristics of temperature, ventilation.

Naturally, it can also be used for preserving, thawing, desiccating, etc.