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  • Tritacarne Grattugia 8
Tritacarne Grattugia 8
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Meat mincer - Grater 8

Meat mincer / Grater mouth 8

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Stainless steel plate AISI 304 on engine body

Helical oil sprocket reducer system

Asynchronous domestic production engine

Removable meat grinding unit

Stainless steel sharpening machine series

Available with reverse gear

Power supply size 120 x 52 mm

Dimensions 8/60 mm 12/70 mm 22/82 mm

Hopper and stainless steel plate collection plate

Steel roller with electroless nickel plating treatment

Available AISI 304 stainless steel roller

Stainless steel cheese bowl

Stainless steel grating protection grille

Micro grater protection

ABS pestle

24 volt controls

Italian production

Power 380 W

Hourly production mince 30 kg, grater 30 kg

Diameter mouth mincer 60 mm

Dimensions 380x260x360h mm